Thursday, January 5, 2012

Life-size soft sculpt Baby Doll has been adopted.

Thank you, Ingrid! The Baby is travelling to Australia.
He is one of my experimental dolls.  He's done well here in my studio and now I'm ready to let him go.
The Baby is 50 cm (20") tall, completely hand stitched, proportional, well balanced and weighted so it can sit without any support. He is wearing store-bought baby suit (size newborn up to 10 lbs) and real newborn baby diaper. His skin is a 100% cotton jersey,  he stuffed with high quality poly fiber. He has doll brain inside his head! Yes, for real :) The hair is made out of multi-toned hand dyed sheep wool. Individual strands of hair stitched to the head.
He is not jointed but has a special soft construction of head and body (of my own design) that makes him strong, heavy, flexible and pose-able. What else.. Oh, his eyes are embroidery + acrylic and oil paint and the blushing is permanent. The doll comes with a toy bunny.