Friday, April 6, 2012

56 cm/22" Soft Sculptured Baby Doll ("Joe")

 This doll has been made to order.
56 cm / 22" tall OOAK soft sculptured baby. Made out of 2 layers of hand dyed cotton knit fabric and stuffed with high quality poly fiber. The Baby has a special head-neck-torso + arms construction of my design that allows him (or her) to be pose-able, flexible, and very well balanced so he can sit without any support. The Baby is wearing a baby diaper (size1), and an all cotton real child's outfit by our Canadian company named "Joe Fresh" (size 0-3 m.old). The Baby's hair is a beautiful Italian mohair. Each strand of hair is sewed to a dolls' head, so the hair can be styled with a soft brush. Baby's eyes are hand embroidered with a 100% cotton thread (France). The eye brows and a mouth are painted with non-toxic acrylic paint. Its blushing is also permanent. His open mouth is of my own design and he has a cute little tongue that is securely attached to an arch of it's mouth. The baby's mouth can fit a standard baby pacifier or a tip of a bottle (both size 0-3 m.old). All the soft sculpting and blushing made this little one so realistic that once you hold him in your arms - you won't let him go.

Email me if you have any questions. Thank you!