Saturday, November 24, 2012

Baby Doll, Blonde, Blue Eyes. 33 cm / 13" Soft Sculpture Baby Girl, Child Friendly Cloth Doll.

The Doll is based on a "Tiny Tots" pattern designed by Connie Ellsworth. The Doll is made out of hand dyed heavy cotton jersey. All the blushing is permanent (done with non-toxic acrylic paint). 
She is string jointed (with a strong carpet string, plastic disks and buttons) and pose-able. The Doll can stand with a minimal support. Sits by itself. 

Her beautiful sparkly blue eyes are hand embroidered with DMC embroidery thread (France). Her hair is soft baby yarn. The hair is attached to the doll's head with multiple rounds of stitches. 
There are 2 pink mini bands in her cute piggy tails.

The Mini Baby wears one piece designer cotton play suit with organza ribbon straps and a hand knitted seamless jacket - my adaptation of a famous "February baby sweater" by Elizabeth Zimmermann (first published in 1981).