Thursday, December 20, 2012

Baby Doll. Life size 20"/50.8 cm All Natural Soft Sculptured Jointed Baby.

The Baby is made out of a 100% cotton jersey. I dye my fabric by myself so you can be sure that it is clean, pre-washed and ironed. There will be no shrinkage or color loss even if you spot clean or wash the doll. 

The eyes are hand embroidered with DMC embroidery thread (France). 
The hair is a pure hand spun wool. It is stitched all over the head. 
Blushing is permanent and done with non-toxic acrylic (USA).
The Doll can wear real baby diapers and clothes size 0-3 m.old. This one models a 100% cotton hooded romper with a kangaroo pouch pocket.