Monday, April 28, 2014

Cloth Over Clay Soft Sculpted Baby Girl. 18" / 46 cm tall

Well, one of the two Cloth over Clay Babies is ready to go to a new home. Originally, I planned to make a floppy non-jointed toddler but, as I worked on the Doll, I've changed my mind and made it more baby-like with slightly curved chubby legs. Size changed too - the Baby is 18"/ 46 cm tall. And it is 4 point jointed (with my own soft plastic joints). The skin is cotton knit, body and limbs are lined with another layer of cotton jersey. The Baby is weighted with craft sand and is pretty heavy - I'd say it is slightly over a kilo. Love every tiny bit about that Doll: the hair that I've made from loose fiber cut (sew my own weft), the eyes, the skin tone, the softness of the body and sturdiness of the neck, and all the tiny details. As for the second Baby, I'd like to make articular arms with bendy fingers. Wish me all the Luck! Thank you very much for looking