Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Precious Tot. 56 cm / 22" tall Soft Sculptured life size 4 point jointed Baby Girl. Child Friendly Cloth Doll

This little one is just 56 cm / 22" tall . She is a perfect doll for a child 1.5+ y.old or an adult collector.
The Doll is based on an early 1980's pattern called "Tiny Tot" designed by Connie Ellsworth. It was my favorite childhood doll! 
Original pattern called for synthetic doll-skin fabric and I don't work with synthetic. That's why I completely re-designed the vintage pattern so now it works for a stretchy cotton knit fabric:
I've re-draw doll's hands (they were way too short), ears, changed a body shape, made its head a bit smaller, and applied my personal sculpting technique. 

 I make 2-3 of these Dolls per year, so here is your last chance to own one!