Monday, May 2, 2016

Fretta's Original 12" / 30.5 cm 5 point jointed Denim Teddy. OOAK Old Time 1900s Toy Bear, jointed Denim Teddy Bear.

Collectible Art and Play Denim Teddy Bear. 
It is safe for children 2+ years old. 

Made out of denim fabric. 
Has plastic safety eyes secured with very strong clips inside the head. 
Nose and eye brows are done with a cotton embroidery floss. 

The Bear is 5 point jointed meaning that all his limbs and the head can move / turn around. 
I do not use mass production metal or hard plastic joints. I made my own from non-toxic food grade soft plastic. They are strong and at the same time you can barely feel them while squeezing the Teddy. Overall, the Bear is soft, flexible and pose-able. 

I hand knit him seamless hooded vest. There is metal mushroom charm (made in USA) attached to the vest with satin ribbon.

The Teddy Bear can be spot cleaned with lukewarm water and soap / mild detergent or hand washed if absolutely necessary.