Tuesday, October 25, 2016

New Fretta's life-size baby doll

WIP: There are going to be 2 more newborn soft sculpt babies (a boy and a girl). But today I want to show you a new doll I am working on - it is an anatomically correct girl, she is the size of a 3-5 m.old baby. Can't give you exact measurements yet because the doll is not assembled. She will be 5 point jointed. Meaning that her head will be movable too. I will add some weight to her head and her tummy. I am thinking about giving her flexible fingers.:) 
Also, she is going to have a strawberry blonde bob style wig. If anyone is interested in customization - please let me know via e-mail (the address is in my info).
OK, hope you like her so far. Thanks for looking! ;)